Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A public dialogue about belief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A public dialogue about belief - Essay Example Similarly, as a means of affecting this understanding, the author relates something of a humorous tone.   However, intermixed with this humorous tone is the understanding on the part of the reader that the subject matter is rather grave and/or serious.   Ultimately, each of these tactics works to integrate with the reader the understanding that the subject matter, although seemingly light and trivial, is ultimately indicative of the way in which many of the decisions in life transpire.   Moreover, the meaning of the essay can be determined to be focused upon an appreciation for the fact that human actions ultimately break down into two distinct categories; those which are useful and will be remembered with affection and happiness and those that are ultimately useless and serve no emotional or practical purpose whatsoever. With regards to the essay in question, â€Å"I didn’t wash my car last month†, the structure of this particular essay can be determinately defin ed as exploratory and relaxed.   As such, the essay takes the form of a friendly discussion that one might easily expect to find in a letter or friendly dialogue.   Similarly, With regards to the key points and thesis that the author is trying to get across, it should be understood that he is attempting to integrate an understanding of what is important and what is ultimately trivial within life.   In this way, he leverages the metaphor of the â€Å"rocking chair† to help the reader to understand that certain.

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